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Quick and easy tips on writing a resume.

How do you walk that fine line between blowing your own trumpet and marketing your strengths and abilities?

Stick to the facts. You won't do yourself any favours lying about who you are.

What else?

Below is a brief outline for writing an effective resume. Click on the links to expand:

1. Highlight keywords in the advertisement.

2. Do your homework – have a look over their website (or any other material you have) before starting your resume. This will give you an advantage at the interview stage and help you further address those keywords, bringing a focus to your resume.

3. Select the right format appropriate to the situation.

4. Promote yourself early. Write a compelling resume leaving the selling statement until last. Answer their questions. To help I have included a questionnaire which will help jog your memory and draw out strengths and attributes.

5. Next, write your selling statement, which is generally found at the beginning of a resume. Keep it tight, concise and riveting.

6. Read your resume aloud for sense. Proofread correcting spelling and grammar. Get a trusted friend to proofread it as well. Check it again!

7. Before you send your resume don’t forget to add the cover letter. This is your chance to shine. Add a little personality here where appropriate. If you have any outstanding achievements from your work history, lead strongly with one or two.

8. Ask yourself “have I addressed their requirements?”

9. Got an interview? Prepare well. Refresh your memory by reviewing their website and your resume. Try to envisage any possible questions they may ask. If you have prepared well you will give a better interview. You might even enjoy it!

10. Send a thank you letter. The majority of applicants do not. This will show your appreciation for being considered and your enthusiasm for the position, setting you apart from the pack.

A DIYer? Browse our site for more tips and resume samples.

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