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As Crude As It Sounds 'YOU' Are For Sale?

A Professional Resume Writing Service Highlights What You Have to Offer

Professional Resume Writing Services: Smart-resume-writing.com
Location: Joondanna, Perth, Western Australia 6060

As you can imagine employers may receive hundreds, possibly thousands of applications for one vacancy. Make sure your resume stands out or it will end up in the 'too hard basket' - the wastepaper basket.

throw resume up in the air

Smart Resume Writing understands we are not all the same so we've come up with packages to suit everyone. Select from one of the following:

Our $99 Special - Same Day Service

For those who need a quick update to enhance their existing resume and give it that 'professional' feel:
• $99 per resume PLUS $49 cover letter

Professional Resume Writing Package

For those seeking a professional resume aimed at highlighting your strengths and abilities (most popular package):
• $249 per resume PLUS $49 cover letter.
• Express version an extra $99 (reduces turnaround to 48 hours from receipt of payment)

Executive Resume Writing Package

A professional resume suited to IT professionals, Senior Management, Executives etc and those of a complex nature:
• $379 per resume PLUS $49 cover letter.
• Express version an extra $99 (reduces turnaround to 48 hours from receipt of payment)

Graduate Resume Writing Package

For University Graduates seeking to get a foot in the door:
• $189 per resume PLUS $49 cover letter.
• Express version an extra $99 (reduces turnaround to 48 hours from receipt of payment)

Selection Criteria

It is preferable that clients answer the Selection Criteria in their own words ensuring that special attention is given to addressing the 'weight' or importance expected of each criterion. Also, it is important to use the STAR method when answering the criteria (please see the Selection Criteria page on this site for a full explanation).

Smart Resume Writing offers a critique service for $149. If money is no object we can write Selection Criteria for you from scratch however expect to pay $69 per criterion - that is $69 per question!

Cover Letters

• $49 per cover letter.

*Please note - while we are happy to write a generic cover letter it is recommended that you use a targeted cover letter for each position you are applying for. This way you can target keywords and phrases that the employer will be looking for demonstrating a keen attitude toward gaining a position with that company. A well written cover letter will also enable you to express 'a little' of your personality.

Thank You Letter

• $29 per thank you letter.

A well written thank you letter demonstrates your appreciation for the process, your attitude and desire to work for the company and excellent manners - you can rest assured your competitors won't bother and you will truly be 'a cut above the rest'.

Mining Resumes

Here in Western Australia many of our clients seek employment within the Oil & Gas industry, either as 'first-time' entrants or those with experience seeking to 're-enter' the industry. Our professional resume writing service is experienced when writing for the mining industry.

Why Use a Professional Resume Writing Service?

I put my resume in the other day and the lady called me up 5 minutes after and said it was one of the best she has seen. Just thought I'd tell you...
S Exeter

It is so important to ‘sell’ yourself, your skills and abilities in such a competitive market. I have since recommended your services to my friends and colleagues within the IT Industry. Prospective employers have been impressed not only with my skills but also with the resume itself. And it helped me secure a lucrative contract. Thanks Smart Resume Writing...J Tsao, IT Manager

To use our Professional Resume Writing Service you can call direct mobile 0406 610 784 or (08)9444 8352 (Perth, Western Australia) or complete our online Contact form

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