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Resume Writing Format - Which is Best?

Okay so you’re now on the hunt for a job. Before you can select a resume writing format first you have to find your focus. Decide what career you want to chase and then find a few job descriptions that match that focus.

Study the language they use looking for keywords that you can scatter through your Resume and Cover Letter. This shows a knowledge of the position and a genuine interest in the job. Also if they use a software package to gather appropriate candidates, using the right keywords will ensure your documents are not overlooked.

Next gather all the necessary information to complete your full employment history, references, old job descriptions, dates etc.

Go through it and decide on a format that suits your needs. For example, are you seeking a career change? Are you a recent graduate? Have you made a decision to return to work after years spent caring for a family? Any aspects like these will need to be addressed.

When writing your resume, select the format that presents your history to its best advantage:

• Reverse Chronological – most widely used

• Functional

• Dateless Chronological

• Creative

• Combination – popular

Let’s find out how to choose the appropriate format on the following pages.

Choose your own Resume Writing Format or have us write your Resume and Cover Letter for you.