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Selection Criteria - Know Your Stuff

Answering Selection Criteria is a crucial part of the process when applying for a Public Servant role as is a well-written resume and cover letter.

Ideally answering each criterian is the responsibility of you, the applicant. You are expected to have an ‘understanding’ of how ‘you’ can meet the expectations required and as such able to address the criterion yourself. Your objective is to ensure that you have answered each criterion or question correctly, giving proper consideration to the ‘weight’ expected from each criterion – the higher the number the more important it is and therefore where you should focus more attention.

Smart Resume Writing prefers to offer a ‘Critique Service’ that proofs your work, checking to see whether your documents meet the points set out above and editing accordingly.

As well we ‘can’ answer each question for you but for the reasons mentioned above this is not recommended nor is it an affordable option. Please check our prices for both options on the Resume Service page.

Check out our Selection Criteria fees.