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Resume Cover Letter - Why So Important

The Free Dictionary Definition of a Resume Cover Letter:
An accompanying letter sent as an explanation, introduction, or record.

While the above is true, today more is expected from a resume and cover letter. Your job is to make the reader’s job easier by highlighting your strengths early and often the first document they’ll read is the cover letter. So it better be good!
Click here for a cover letter sample.

Try thinking of it as a powerful tool, a Sales Letter where you are the one for sale. You want the reader to take action, and that action is to call you. In the Copywriting world we call this Direct Response Marketing Material. Sounds fancy but what exactly does it mean – let’s break it down.

  • Direct Response

    Engenders a direct response usually where the reader fills out an online form or coupon to purchase a product or hire a service. In this case, the perfect response would be that the reader spends time reading an equally powerful resume. The next response is a phone call setting up an interview.

  • Marketing Material

    Material used to market a product, a service or in this case marketing ‘you', i.e. your documents.

Ignore at your peril

Unfortunately not everyone realises the importance of sending a cover letter. Those that do however usually do not know how to write an effective letter. In fact, more than two-thirds find themselves in this group.

Remember that both your letter and resume are designed to get you to interview stage. The rest is up to you!

Alternatively, you can have Smart Resume Writing prepare your documents for you.

Click here if you need a Professional Resume Cover Letter.

PS: Once the interview is over, don’t forget to follow with a well-written thank you letter. It will definitely leave an impression and might just be the deciding factor.