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What's the Difference Between
an Ordinary Resume and
Professional Resume Writing?

The answer: an interview

Smart Resume Writing is on a mission: To ensure a professional resume is within easy reach of everyone and every pocket.

All you have to do is choose. Choose whether you want to learn how to write your own, or select from one of our packages and have us write one for you.

How Do You Stand Out From the Crowd?

It's not uncommon to hear stories where hundreds sometimes thousands of people have lined up for the same job vacancy. In fact, a recent news report out of New Zealand claimed over 3000 individuals applied for the same position... at McDonalds.

stand out from the crowd with smart resume writing

Gone are the days of 'grocery list' style resumes. Today, because there are so many applicants applying for the same positions, you only have a matter of seconds to impress the reader before they move on to the next application.

  • You must give the reader a reason NOT to 'bin' your resume.
  • You must highlight the 'best bits' early on in your resume.
  • You must use the power of words to compel them to seek an interview.

Ask yourself:

Do you want a new lifestyle that can only be achieved by a better job?

Is that dream job eluding you?

Are you tired of your current position?

How does your resume stack up? Not very well?

You most likely answered yes to at least one of these questions or you wouldn't be here. So how can this site help you?

Our aim is to be the 'go-to' website for all things to do with resume writing

Here we give you options. You can hire our services OR...

You can write your own using our resume tips.

Also, you will find information about the different types of formats to follow, where to find resume building software, resume samples as well as cover letter samples, interview advice, even how to start your own business - and more.

Too Busy?

Click on the 'Resume Service' button to learn more about our services or to contact us. Otherwise, feel free to browse this site. Who knows, you might want to go into business yourself.

**Please note that the information contained in this website has been written for the Australian market. We will endeavour to address the differences, if any, between certain countries at a later date.

Sharron Northcott
Professional Resume Writer


A Professional Resume Writing Service Highlights Your Strengths & Abilities
Professional Resume Writing Service - affordable, prompt, no-fuss service that delivers. Want to be noticed? - Call 0406610784 Perth, WA

Contact Us
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A Professional Resume Writer - my story
Why I love being a professional resume writer - my story - Call 0406610784 Perth, WA

Effective Resume Writing Is a Skill We Should All Learn
Effective resume writing evolves over time. Does your resume measure up? - Call 0406610784 Perth, WA

Resume Writing Format - Which One Should You Choose
Resume Writing Format - Which One Should You Choose - Call 0406610784 Perth, WA

Tips on writing a resume
Our tips on writing a resume will have you writing like a pro - Call 0406610784 Perth, WA

Selection Criteria - Why Necessary?
Selection Criteria - Why Necessary? - Call 0406610784 Perth, WA

Resume Cover Letter - Why So Important
Resume Cover Letter - Why So Important? - Call 0406610784 Perth, WA

Cover Letter Sample - a must have
Cover Letter Sample - a must have to accompany any resume


Sharron, what can I say apart from the fact that you are beyond impressive!!! In the short amount of time I gave you to prepare my resume I have to say I was blown away with the outlay the content and how you managed to highlight all my best points in applying for the job I was going for. Plsssssss use this as a testimonial on your website I have shown your work to a recruitment agency and they were very very impressed!!

Thank you so much for guiding me through the whole experience you are truly gifted thank you thank you thank you!!!...Wanda F.

Sharron, I just wanted to thank you. The resumes and cover letters you created for my family are absolutely beautiful, professional, so fantastic AND they were successful. My daughter and her boyfriend the "Jilleroo and Jackeroo", are both now in the NT on a station ...T Stephens

I’m going to send a good friend to you who wants her resume done, and because I was so happy with mine I referred you ...B Robinson

I put my resume in the other day and the lady called me up 5 minutes after and said it was one of the best she has seen. Just thought I'd tell you ...S Exeter

Well I must say I am very impressed Sharron, a great job, many thanks ...L Stratford

Fantastic, you have done a great job, thank you!! As you can tell I'm extremely pleased with the outcome. Once again thank you ...Anonymous

Thanks Sharron, it's awesome!... A Toth

Fantastic Sharron, thank you so much. I have told many friends of your skills and a few are giving you a call - my best friend also ...Tammy

Your resume has got me a job in the gold mines and a few good calls from different jobs I’ve applied for so it’s working... Brian O

I am temping with an Agency at the moment and my Resume has allowed me to do many, varied jobs. Many thanks... Marilyn M

Wow - that is awesome!! I am really happy with the wording. You have done so well. Thank you so much... Jonene W

I love it - Thanks !!... Kerry

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